The church was built between 1200 and 1250, and is famous for its healing crucifix still in the church. According to legend it sweats once a year on "Olsok" (July 6th after the Julian calendar), and the sweat has healing power. Røldal was one of the most important sites of pilgrimage in Norway during the middle ages and pilgrims continued to come until 1835, longer than any other place in Norway. The church is beautifully decorated, and is still the parish church for Røldal. Guided tours during the summer season. There are several pilgrim trails in connection with Røldal stave church.

Entrance fee: 80kr for adults, free entrance for children under 15, 50kr for groups with a minimum of 10 people. 


Opening hours 2022: 


Weekends in June: 

4. - 6. June: 10-16

11. - 12. June: 10-16


Open every day June-August: 

18. June - 14. August: 10-18


Weekends in August: 

20. - 21. August: 10-16

27. - 28. August: 10-16 




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Where is Røldal Stave Church?