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This is an interesting cycling trip through highly varied scenery, which starts in the coastal village of Våge.

You cycle through undeveloped areas, over flowering meadows and farm clusters, and through woodland. Large parts of the trip are along the Hardangerfjord with views of the Kvinnheradsfjella mountains and the Folgefonna glacier in the background. There are excellent views along the whole route, and it is the diversity and variation that make this route special, since you cycle on both the west, east and north sides of the island as well as right across it. You experience fjords and mountains, and the coast and inland landscapes.

Starts at the ferry quay at Våge. After about 350 metres, turn right at the roundabout on the Rv 49 road towards Hodnanes and Stord. After 4.8 km, after you have passed Uggdal church and just before Uggdal town hall, you come to a sign for Onarheim. Turn left, east towards Onarheim (13 km). Follow Uggdalsdalen valley right across Tysnesøy island.

When you have cycled a further 8 km, you come to the old thoroughfare in Uggdalsdalen, which is preserved as a cultural heritage site. There are many traces of the people who lived by the thoroughfare during ancient times. The old thoroughfare went between Uggdal and Onarheim, and it is still visible in many places. There is an information board at the gateway to the thoroughfare.

Innermost in the Uggdalsdalen valley, you start an ascent until you get to the highest point on the route by the turn-off to Singelstad. You are then at an altitude of 166 metres. This uphill stretch corresponds to a climb of 90 metres over a distance of 3.3 km.

At Onarheim church, there is a sign towards Lunde to the north (16 km). Turn left and follow the road north towards Lunde at this crossroads. After a total of 24 km, you come to Årbakka, where there is a traditional village shop where you can fill your water bottle and buy something to eat and drink. You can take a detour down to the sea and see the old Årbakka trading station and Årbakkavollen, a relic from the early Iron Age with standing stones and the remains of burial mounds. After 1.5 km, you come to a beach at Klubbavikja /Ølfarnes, where you can take a short break or a detour down to the beach. This is one of the best beaches in Tysnes with views towards Melderskin, the Folgefonna glacier and the Hardangerfjord.

You come to a crossroads 7.5 km further on, where you turn left and follow the Rv 49 west to Lundegrend and back to Våge.

The route has a total length of 43.54 km and an altitude difference of 685 metres. The highest point on the route is 166 metres, which you come to after 14 km.


  • Rådhuset
  • 5685 Uggdal


  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Spring

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