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Travel by public bus transport from Åndalsnes to Trollstigen, Valldal, Geiranger and back to Åndalsnes. On this trip you will experience two of the most fascinating stretches of road in Northern Europe!

The journey starts in Åndalsnes. The bus rund through the 11 famous hairpin turns to reach the top of Trollstigen. The bus stops for 25 minutes at the Trollstig plateau. Here you will find a viewpoint offering a grand sight of the steep mountain and waterfall landscape.

After a stop, the bus continues towards Geiranger that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Voice of Norway - your digital guide on the trip

This trip is run by public bus transport and there is no guide accompanying you on the trip. However, you have the option to download your own digital audio guide.

Voice of Norway is a free audio guide that can be downloaded to your phone from App Store or Google Play. Voice of Norway uses the GPS technology in your mobile phone to give location-based information during the trip. The audio guide information is provided in the form of readings, pictures, text and links.

Access audio guide

  • Open the app
  • Select Providers and FRAM
  • Download the guide: Åndalsnes - Trollstigen & UNESCO Geirangerfjord (round trip)
  • Questions regarding the guide should be directed to

Practical information

  • Bus departure from: Åndalsnes station
  • Buy tickets (round trip) on this website. The tickets can be displayed digitally on your mobile


NOK 951


  • Åndalsnes-Trollstigen-Valldal-Geiranger-Åndalsnes
70 23 88 00


Audio guide:
  • Autumn
  • Summer

Where is Roundtrip by bus from Åndalsnes to Trollstigen and Geiranger?