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The scenery along the fjord is spectacular. At the entrance to Sandsfjorden lies the flat, beautiful Foldøynå. The island is 1,1 square kilometers and consists of cultivate land. Historical interesting Hebnes is located on the north of the fjord, while the beautiful beach town is situated in the south. Further north lies several small islands in the fjord. It's all very idyllic for boat enthusiasts.

The beach town Sand is the municipal center in Suldal municipal city and is one of three ancient beach locations in Ryfylke. South of Sand is Lovrafjorden, where there is a little picnic area with view down to the fjord in both directions.

Sandsfjorden is congested with large ships to Jelsa and the metal industry in Sauda. Also speed boat transportation. During the summer one can see sailing ships in the waters, "Brødrene af Sand" is a restored sloop that is related to Ryfylkemuseet at Sand.

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Where is Sandsfjorden in Suldal?