Saudafjorden is the northern part of Boknafjorden in Rogaland. The main road Fv. 520, the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke, stretches high above the fjord on the north side from Ropeid to Sauda. At its deepest the fjord is measured to be 400 meters. The mountains measures to over 1000 meters, with Hustveitsåta as highest peak of 1187 meters. The snow decorates the peak tops beyond spring.

There are some farms along the fjord, such as the museum farm Jonegarden at Hustveit which is open during the summer and is a part of Ryfylkemuseet.

Large waterfalls adorn the fjord sides such as Honganviksfossen og Svandalsfossen, the latter with a staircase which provides an opportunity to walk up to the waterfall. One can access the stairs from the parking lot by the road Fv. 520 and it is built as a part of the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke. In the older days the waterfalls was a basic for sawmills which gave timber exports to Europe in the 1600s, particularly the Netherlands and Scotland.

Several picnic areas before getting to Sauda provide opportunities for photo stops and a rest. In the inner fjord lies the municipal center Sauda with both old, but viable industry, and also the largest ski resort in the area.

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Where is Saudafjorden in Sauda?