Sirdal Safari and Adventures offers accommodation in simple, historical buildings affiliated with the Sirdal Mountain Museum. The more than 100-year-old hunting lodge is one of these. The hunting lodge was once owned by the Norwegian Thorvald Meyer Heiberg who purchased large areas of land in the moors of Sirdal, Setesdal and Lyseheiene. These land areas were then divided into hunting terrains that he let out to noblemen from the United Kingdom. Today, the area is known as the Statskog property Njardarheimen and is a protected landscape area. The different buildings you can discover include a youth home, a school, a farmhouse and a hunting lodge.

Live out the hunter's life

Stay the night in a 100-year-old hunting lodge at the Sirdal Mountain Museum. The lodge is an authentic cabin of the type "Heiberghytta", built by Thorvald Meyer Heiberg. This particular cabin has been moved from the valley Ljosådalen in the landscape protected area Setesdal-Sirdalsheiene to where it is today on the museum grounds.

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