Sjøbadet Myklebust is a public outdoors swimming area located along the coast of Tananger, specifically in the Jåsund peninsula in the north of Tananger. The public sea pool was officially opened in August 2015, and has already become a popular area for water fun. Paths, stairs, swimming dock and ramps secure access to the pool for everybody.

The pool has a natural flow of sea water, and the water circulates by changes in the water levels as well as by wave activity. The pool has been made with the least intervention to nature as possible, and it fits naturally into the coastal landscape with coastal rocks and islets. The bottom of the pool is sand.  

Access to the facility is from the natural walking path/trail. There is also a parking lot for guests to the area near Tananger Ring.

By bus: No. 2 from Stavanger to Tananger Ring.

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  • Jåsundhalvøya
  • 4056 TANANGER
51 65 33 00

Where is Sjøbadet Myklebust (public sea pool)?