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Car parking by Sagatun school at Kreklingen.
Follow the path starting by the sports hall to the viewpoint Orrabenken. The first part to Orramyra, you have to carry your skiis. Continue on the marked path to Raudmelen via Klukshaug and Buråsi (575m amsl) . The steepest climb is from Buråsi and up to Raudmelen. At Raudmelen you will find Baly-cabin.
Either you return and descend where you came from, or you ski to Balastølen on the way. The descend is steep to begin with, so make sure you do not ski along the edges where the drop is close to vertical. Apart from that the descend is great with amazing views over the Sognefjord, the surrounding mountains and the village of Balestrand.

Danger: Be aware of vertical drops especially towards the Esefjord.
Kilometer: 3,5 km
Total time: approx. 3 hrs
Source: Anne Randi Farnes


    • Kreklingevegen 2
    • 6899 Balestrand

    Where is Ski mountaineering to Raudmelen, Balestrand?