To get there on skis, there are several possible starting points. Vassli by Torjulvågen are most commonly used. But skiing can also start from Gyl or Herradsdalen.

Tour description
From the parking area, the trail continues along a tractor road. This is a much used trail, so there is usually a track until Gylvatnet. After about 25 minutes you come up to a shelter which is a nice place for the first break of the trip. Here you find ​​bonfire and firewood. After the shelter you follow the track until Gylvatnet. The trip here takes about an hour and is a great destination in itself.
Go over the water and to Gylsetra cabin. From the cabin go up the valley to the northwest. When you pass the tree line, turn to the north until you come up on the mountain ridge that you follow up to the top.


  • 6630 Tingvoll
71 53 24 00

Where is Skiing at Høgfjellet (689 m.a.s.l.)?