Skjæveland old bridge is a bridge over the river Figgjo at Jæren. Midway on the bridge marks the border between Klepp municipality and Sandnes municipality. The bridge was completed in 1853. The building material is mostly stone, built as a combined masonry bridge and stone slab bridge. The bridge is 100 meters long. It was built as part of the old main road of western Norway (Vestlandske hovedvei), and was the first bridge in the county that was built for vehicles. The bridge was designed by Ingebret Mossige, sheriff and road inspector in Time municipality. Gabriel Høyland (1820–1907) led the construction of the bridge. In 1966, a new bridge was opened on the national road 44, and Skjæveland old bridge has since been used for walking and cycling only. It was restored in 1985, and in 2002 it was included in the National Protection Plan for roads, bridges and road-related cultural monuments.

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  • Skjæveland
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Where is Skjævelandbrua bridge?