Sognefjord "Cinque Terre" Vik - Ortnevik - Nordeide - Vik (Balestrand, Leikanger or Sogndal) Round trip on the Sognefjord with the boat Tansøy from Vik - Ortnevik - Nordeide where you can experience the gentle beautiful side arms of the mighty Sognefjord. The boat will have correspondence with the express boat back to Vik, Balestrand and Sogndal Route information from Vik - Orntevik and from Ortnevik - Høyanger For route information Ortnevik - Måren - Nordeide Norled correspondence from Nordeide / Vik to (Balestrand, Leikanger or Sogndal)  

Where is Sognefjord "Cinque Terre"?

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