The hike is marked with red T's as the 10th Sola hike - one of the local hikes in Sola. An easy hike in the open cultural landscapes at Utsola. A nice round trip passing Sola ruin church. The original medieval church is assumed listed between 1120-1130 century and was in use until 1842 when the new church was completed. After many years as a ruin, the church was built rebuilt in 1995, architect Louis Kloster was responsible for the project on behalf of Sola. The church is today a widely used concert venue and is one of the country's most popular places for weddings.  During the hike, you pass several sites such as a memorial stone at Sola school, which is part of the series of "Erling resting stones", which is a series of 7 standing stones in a variety of forms from Hafrsfjord bridge to the church. Along the way, it is also possible to see several rare war memorabilia such as the armored cupola on top of the bunker facility at Sør-Kolnesvegen.  The ride is mainly on asphalt, a small portion on gravel. Some parties have no streetlights.

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  • Start: Sola ruinkyrkje, Bautavegen 10
  • 4050 Sola
51 65 33 00

Where is Sola hike (Solaturen)?