In order to achieve the best possible results, we have special indoor brood stock plants, where the Sterling White Halibut spend the first time of their life. This is a very protected environment, with great amounts of fresh seawater and each fish has its own living quarters. The fish is then moved to further growth at Imsland and Helland in Vindafjorden in Rogaland County in southwestern Norway. And finally, the fish is moved to seafarms in Vassvik and Kjeurda in Hjelmeland in Ryfylke where the fish grow for 5 years before being slaughtered and processed.

Sterling White Halibut lends itself to many different needs and tastes, and many chefs appreciate the numerous creative opportunities it offers. You can buy Sterling White Halibut in selected grocery stores in Ryfylke as well as it is a product served at many hotels in the area.  

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Where is Sterling White Halibut in Hjelmeland?