Svartaknuten is a great summit trip for the whole family. The mountain by Vikeså, at an altitude of 499 meters and has a beautiful view of Bjerkreim's many valleys and mountains.

Hiking trail: From Storrsheia up to Svartaknuten, down to Svela. You dont need to climb, but the terrain is a bit rugged. Lots of hills. It is the shortest to walk from Storrsheia, but is well marked and nice to walk from both Svela and Litle Svela. If you come on the E39 from Vikeså, turn left the first road after the rest area on Storrsheia. Here there is a parking space right by the yard in the yard. The parking lot at Svela is the first slip road to the left on the road from Vikeså center up to Ognedal / Kløgetvedt. The car park at Storrsheia is 240 meters above sea level. Svartaknuten is 499 meters above sea level and the car park at Svela is 100 meters above sea level. It takes an hour from Storrsheia and up to the top. Feel free to bring binoculars. Fantastic views from the top!

Tour review: There is a good gravel road the first bit up from the parking lot at Sultreholen / Storrsheia. Then turn left at the crossroads, onto a slightly rougher road. Follow this to the top. Where the road goes down towards Svela, take off from the road and up on the path after red marks. It's about 30 minutes to walk from where you take off here to the top. It can be a little wet on the ground, but the markings also run between rocks and on rocks. When you go down again and come to the forest road you can go down to Svela. Then you follow the markings on the road to the right after you have walked about 100 meters back on the road to Storrsheia. Here there is a nice view down towards Vikeså center. Other associated trails: The trip starts on a forest road that is connected to a network and marked trails both over to Vaule, to Vaule / Røysland, Svela and Litle Svela, so you can walk the trip with different starting and ending points. The actual trip from the forest road and up to the top is the same round trip.


  • Storrsheia
  • 4389 VIKESÅ
51 20 11 00

Where is Svartaknuten?