The trip to Brandasund starts in Svortland.

In Hollundskjosen (the roundabout), turn left towards Brandasund. After 1.5 km, you come to Urangsvåg and its sheltered marina. The county road north to Brandasund is a varied, fun cycle and is narrow and hilly in parts. The road crosses several islands that are connected by bridges, and there are great views of the islands and skerries. You can take detours to some nice places en route to Brandasund, such as Katla and Skinnhueneset. 'Nillo på Skjèret' once lived on the island of Torgjo (Torget). Today, her descendants run the traditional village shop there. Now, it is only a further 1.5 km to Brandasund, and you are surrounded by the ocean on almost all sides. When you arrive in picturesque Brandasund, you will see white-painted houses huddled together, with lots of passing boat traffic. You can grab a bite to eat here. There is also a small sales outlet for felted woollen products and a wood carver who can make just about anything.

A walk to Brandasundsåta is also recommended while you are out at the ocean's edge. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the top, where you get a real sense of being on top of the world.

Follow the same road back to Svortland. The route has a total length of 32.9 km and an altitude difference of 58 metres.


  • 5423 Brandasund
+47 53 42 30 27

Where is Svortland – Brandasund (32,9 km)?

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