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This coastal roundtrip by bike is a great way to explore the island and its beautiful coastline.

Tour description

Make a left from Aukra ferry port towards Tangen, and pedal along a paved road with the ocean on the left-hand side. Follow Tangenvegen road until you get to the sandy Hjertvika beach, where you get the chance to go for a swim in the cool ocean! Hjertvika got its name from the heart-shaped islet in the middle of the bay and is a part of Hjertvika nature reserve. Your next stop is Horremsleira beach, a beautiful area for barbequing, swimming and relaxing in the lean-to shelter. An old mill house can be explored by following the trail signs to Horrem kvernhus. Continue cycling towards Småge, and choose between heading out to Småge ferry pier, or continue towards the picturesque fishing village of Røssøyvågen. The famous Ona lighthouse can also be reached from Småge ferry pier. If you are up for another detour, pedal to Røaleira beach; an 800 metre long and shallow sandy beach! This area is also a part of Røabukta bird reserve. Cycle back towards Røssøyvågen, and follow Frænvegen road towards Varhaugvik. Aukra church can be seen on the right-hand side not long before you reach the ferry port.

Extend your Coastal cycling tour with an excursion to Ona Lighthouse

Follow the Coastal cycling route on Gossen past Horremsleira beach and follow the signs to Småge ferry port. This cycling tour will take you through beautiful and flat coastal scenery, and the distance is approximately 10km one-way. Bring your bike on board the ferry, with scheduled stops at Orta, Finnøya and Sandøya before eventually arriving at Ona. Ona is Norway’s southernmost fishing village, famous for its beautiful lighthouse, Ona Lighthouse. Ona can be visited throughout the year, but it is recommended to visit outside of the most hectic summer months if possible. The weather can be rough on an exposed island in the Atlantic Ocean, so remember to bring warm clothing and something to drink and eat during the trip.

  • Starting point: Aukra ferry port


  • 6480 Aukra
+47 71 17 15 00


  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Winter

Where is The coastal cycling route on Gossen (20 km) ?