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Røssøyvågen is a picturesque fishing village on the west coast of Gossen, with its very own steam ship quay. This is the perfect place to watch the sun disappear into the ocean, and if you’re lucky, you might see the northern light dance across a dark ocean during a cold, winter night.

The idyllic and historical fishing village used to be an important trading centre, with is red-painted boathouses, general store and fish reception. Next to the small boat harbour you can also see a piece of history in the shape of a barge, which got stuck on an underwater ledge during WW2.

How to get there (by bike)

Follow the popular Badestrandruta cycling route to Røssøyvågen, and soak in the beautiful coastal landscape along the way. Starting from the ferry harbour, the bike ride will take you approximately half an hour; although we recommend you make time for the many highlights on the Badestrandruta cycling route. North of Røssøyvågen you will also find the spectacular Røaleira beach, where the annual kite festival takes place.

Starting point: Aukra Fergekai


  • Røssøyvågen
  • 6480 Aukra
+47 71 17 15 00

Where is The fishing village of Røssøyvågen ?