Travel back in time with the Old Voss Steam Railway Museum this summer. Experience first-hand the golden age of rail travel onboard heritage teak coaches from the 20s and 30s, pulled by our beautifully restored ten-wheeler steam locomotive from 1913. 

Two departures from Garnes station at 11:30 and 14:30 and one departure from Midttun station 12:30.

The line opened in 1883 and in the beginning, it served as a narrow gauge line between Bergen and Voss. It was upgraded to standard gauge with the completion of Bergensbanen to Oslo. It served until 1964 when the new Ulriken tunnel opened, resulted in the closure of the line. Along the line, you can witness the line's engineering and architectural heritage and soak in the beauty of the nature that the line passes.

Get ready for a departure back in time to the golden age of rail travel. The smell of burnt coal, teak varnish and steam wafting through the air, the conductor in his pressed uniform sounding his whistle and signalling the driver a green flag, the doors slamming shut and the deep hoot of the steam engine letting everybody know she is ready to depart, letting out massive clouds of steam as she is off towards the horizon. Take a seat, relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere onboard our train and the picturesque landscape rolling by your window. A truly unique not-to-be-missed experience.  

We offer a lot of fun for the whole family during the summer. It is exciting for the children to see the big steam engine, with all its bells, whistles, huffing and puffing. If you ask the driver, maybe you will get to see the inside of the cab?

How to get to the stations? Garnes station, Tunesveien 8: By car from Bergen via Åsane to Indre Arna and Garnes. Follow the E16 and sign to "Museumsjernbane". By bus number 92, 95, 200 and 201 from Arna new station in correspondence with trains from Bergen.The bus stop at Garnes is called «Garnes VGS Garnesstølen».

Arna old station, Ådnavegen 26: Use NSB local train 8 minutes from Bergen and 10-15 minutes walk from Arna new to Arna old station. How to find the road from Arna station to Arna old station:

Haukeland station: Hardangervegen 520: There are parking facilities at the station. By bus, take bus number 90 which starts at Arna terminal or at Nesttun.

Midttun station: No address. Located at the end of the train line. There are parking facilities at the shops nearby. Bus number 90 from Nesttun to Midtun station or from Arna terminal.

Tickets for sale at Ticketco during the spring. (Search for Gamle Vossebanen)

Source: Visit Bergen
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  • Garnes Stasjon, Tunesveien 8
  • 5264 Garnes


  • Summer

Where is The Old Voss Steam Railway Museum?