The power route over the Berge mountains

Day 1 

The power route takes you from the proud industrial town of Høyanger to the dam constructions on the Berge mountains. From Grimsosen the hike goes over the ridge between Toppenhytta and Skålebotn, with a magnificent view of Høyangsfjord, Sognefjord and the mountain area of Stølsheimen in the distance. This is a family friendly hike at 10 km and about 250 m elevation gain. Starting in Høyanger the hike is about 13,5 km long and medium hard with an elevation gain of 700 m. The trail has trail markers.

Stay over at Larsgarden Tunhotell which offers guests overnight stays in the main farmhouse from 1901. The chef Pernille Yulie Baatard serves tasteful food with vegetables, berries and fruit from the garden, fish from the fjord, and deer from the woods.

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Day 2

The town of Høyanger is founded on power and power demanding industry. At Høyanger Industrial Town Museum you'll get an insight in how Høyanger went from being a small agricultural village, to almost overnight becoming a blooming industrial adventure in the early 1900s. Take a stroll in the town center. 

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  • Høyanger sentrum
  • 6993 HØYANGER

Where is The power route over the Berge mountains, Høyanger?