The road from Skjolden to Urnes is called the Romantic Road. It carries a long history as it took almost 70 years to finish. Today those stages make the road one individual road of 30 km.

However, when you get to Ornes the road reaches a dead-end after 5 km in the small village Kinsedalen. Anyone, cars and bikers, are welcome to travel to the other side by a small ferry to visit the village of Solvorn.

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It is like you are engulfed in the era that found great inspiration from the exact nature and mountains surrounding you, through visual experiences, smells, sounds and an intimate bond to humans and nature.

Over two hundred years ago that era came to Europe along with a new spiritual direction, it was called the era of Romanticism. In the villages along the romantic road you can meet this national uniqueness first-hand. The original and eccentric atmosphere, that which lies in the misty sea beneath the sky.

The seaway that stretches from the ocean to Skjolden, which you can find at the end of Norway's longest fjord Sognefjorden, is more than 200km (124 miles) long. During the summer the colour of the fjord changes between blue, grey and green. Often a very bright emerald green due to the sun and light that colours the joining of the fjord and the melted water from the glaciers.



  • Den romantiske vegen, Luster
  • 6870 Ornes

Where is The romantic road, Luster?