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Where Europe's longest fjord, the Sognefjord, stretches deep into the country and meets Jotunheimen and the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, you'll find the municipality of Luster with the small towns of Solvorn, Gaupne and Skjolden.

Solvorn is the tiny, quaint and beautiful little sister with apple blossoms in her hair. Here you can stay at the oldest hotel in Norway, Walaker Hotel or at the perfect basecamp Eplet Hostel & Apple Juice Farm. You can also join Luster Nature Guides on a guided RIB boat tour and take the ferry from Solvorn - Ornes to visit The UNESCO Urnes Stave Church.

Gaupne is the larger, working brother and the municiplality center, where you can stay at Gaupnetunet and have some splash and wellbeing at Lustrabadet.

In beautiful little Marifjøra you could join Fjord Seal on a kayak trip and stay at Marifjøra Sjøbuer or Tørvis Hotel.

Together these three house 5000 inhabitants making their living out of agriculture, production of berries and fruit, industry and hydropower. We highly recommend seeing this part of the fjord during spring and autumn.

The green and luxuriant spring in Luster is particularly beautiful. The contrasts in the nature are strong, with blooming fruit trees near the fjord and snow still covering the hill sides. Spring skiing has become a popular activity.

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