The kings had their royal manors where the Middle Age church at Avaldsnes is today. The Viking Farm, however, shows the home or an ordinary farmer. Farmers were the backbone of the Viking society. They could be craftsmen, sailors, traders or raiders, – but they were all dependent upon the land. These are the Vikings you will learn more about at the Viking farm Avaldsnes. The farm gives us an insight into how our ancestors built their houses, what materials they used and how they lived.

In the summer season the Viking farm is open to visitors and there will be guided tours around the farm in Norwegian and English at set times. Opplev Avaldsnes emphasize on living history, where you can touch and feel the historical elements. In the summer season you will be met by Vikings doing different crafts and activities. Some of the activities you can participate in. You can for instance, if the weather allows it, try some archery or you can play some Viking games.

At the Viking farm, Opplev Avaldsnes can also offer guided tours for groups, team building or corporate events. Please contact them for more information on their historical events and products.


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Where is The Viking Settlement at Avaldsnes?

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