Top The Fjords is a family owned high-end supplier based in "Fjord Norway", aiming to create unique and meaningful experiences in the Norwegian Fjords. Away from all material considerations, Top The Fjords is committed to redefining what the world perceives as luxury by focusing on the great outdoor activities and adventures that Norway has to offer.

The fjords is our playground and provides spectacular sights; untouched nature, impressive waterfalls, towering mountains and living heritage in many small and cozy villages. With a wide range of different luxury yachts and fast speed sightseeing boats we give our visitors the possibility to escape into the "unknown" and to experience unique and "ungoogleable" places not accessible for every traveler; meeting fascinating locals, getting insider access and simply immersing in different locally based cultures.

Visit our website to gain some insight into what life is like onboard a fjord cruise with us or contact us here: / + 47 932 36 868.

We are ready to design your next fjord adventure when you are!


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