The name comes from the fact that it has our "citizens" here since the early 17th century. These were people who had redeemed "citizens' letters" and had the right to travel along the coast and trade. The city was centrally located by the old shipping lane between Bergen and Trondheim. Traders from Bergen had inventory on the island and traded for fish and agricultural products.

The main house on the island is from the 18th century and at most there were 17 different buildings here. There was regular trade until the 1880s.

After 1920, the town was used for housing purposes and since 1983, Ulstein municipality has restored and taken care of the main house. The house can be rented for various events in both public and private.

Today, Borgarøya is a popular outing town and in the summer, some years we have a café in the old trading house. You must have a boat to get there and there is a municipal harbour to dock at.

Facilities for boats at Borgarøya: Electricity and water are laid down to the pier, and payment can be made by Vipps or in cash. There is a box on the outside of the boathouse with an explanation. There is no access to a shower.


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Where is Trading Town Borgarøya?