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At the Trollstig plateau (852 m.a.s.l.), you can experience two architecturally designed viewpoints that offer a full view of the massive mountain landscape. The largest viewing platform soars 200 meters above Stigfossen waterfall and the Trollstig road that winds up the steep mountainside.

World-class architecture in close harmony with nature

The viewpoints are built in steel and glass, offering protection against weather and wind. The architectural approach is adapted to the landscape with materials that withstand the harsh climate. The structure is designed to blend seamlessly with the surroundings, with parts carved into the mountain, while others are constructed with stone walls.

How to get to the Trollstig Plateau

Drive to Sjøholt (E136). Continue to Valldal (fv 650) and then onwards from Valldal to the Trollstigen Plateau (fv 63). Estimated driving time from the center of Valldal to the Trollstig Plateau is around 40 minutes.

Where is Trollstigen viewpoint?