In the part of the river without salmon from Gudbrandsjuvet to the border by Nedstestølen, included the side stream to Grønningsæter there are good conditions for trout fishing. The area has more than 13 km with trout river, all coverd by one fishing licence. <br><br>
Cultivation has been carrried out since 1964, and the river has a good trout stock with fish sizes up to one kilo. However, the most common weight is 2-3 hectograms. The possibility of catches vary strongly following changes in temperature and the flow of the water. <br><br>
Anglers are asked to move carefully in order not to damage cultivated areas, fences and similar.
<b>Fishing licences </b><br>
- Tourist information in Valldal +47 70 25 77 67<br>
- At most campings in Valldal


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Where is Upper part of the river Valldøla?