Utne: Utne- Høyviki-Sletthagen

Start: Utne Hotel

End: Utne

Parking: by Utne Church

Public transport: Local bus from Odda, ferry from Kinsarvik and Kvanndal. Expressboat from Norheimsund.

Marking: there is an information board with map by Utne Hotel Difficulty: Easy.

Length: approximately 2 km.

Highest point: 85 masl.

Time: 1 hour.

Advice: Buy map with description at Utne Hotel or at the Hardanger Folk Museum.

Description: Take the road and path from Utne Hotel to the Open Air Museum at Hardanger Folk Museum. Then walk north-westward along the fjord to Høyviki, where the trail turns south to the main road.  

Alternative: Take the dirt road that leads from the quay in Høyviki to the main road.


  • 5778 Utne

Where is Utne-Høyviki-Sletthagen?