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The Via Ferrata in Gloppedalsura, introduced in 2023, offers a thrilling climbing experience to explore Northern Europe's largest scree. Formed around 10,000 years ago as the glacier in Gloppedalen melted away, Gloppedalsura now presents an exciting climbing trail equipped with fixed points and safety lines.

Via Ferrata – Climbing Trail

This climbing route, suitable for individuals aged 10 and above, features safety measures like fixed points and safety lines connected to a climbing harness, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for both young and old adventurers. Some sections may pose a moderate challenge due to height differences, and adult supervision is recommended to ensure proper use of safety equipment.

Equipment Rental

For those without their own gear, complete equipment including a safety harness and helmet can be rented from Veen Gardscamping or Byrkjedalstunet.

Advance booking for equipment rental is available through the provided link.


Situated on county road 503 between Veen and Byrkjedalstunet, Gloppedalsura spans the border between Bjerkreim and Gjesdal.

Important Details

– The round trip duration is approximately 1.5 hours.
– Difficulty Level: Moderately demanding


+47 51 22 55 05



Where is Via Ferrata in Gloppedalsura?