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During the Viking Age, the battle of Hafrsfjord is a well-known event. Visit the beautiful area around Ytraberget, and learn about the stone fortress that was once there.

Ytraberget and the fortress mentioned in the saga literature

At Ytraberget, are the ruins of a stone fortress from the age of migration, dated 300 years before Viking times (550-1050 AD.) Ytraberget is a peninsula in Hafrsfjord, and the area shows long historical traditions where the gathering of Norway took place. At the top of the rock is a plateau of around 100 x 50 meters, which is the fortress itself. The fortresses from ancient times were always built in areas that were easy to defend. On the rock are also several old house foundations. Legend has it that King Kjotve sought refuge on Ytraberget before fleeing further south during the battle of Hafrsfjord. In 1972, during the celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the battle of Hafrsfjord, a monument was erected at Ytraberget, signed by King Olav V. The area of Ytraberget is a nice place to do short hikes and it is well suited for families. On the west side of the hiking area, you will also find Ormen Lange, which is a nice swimming area. Occasionally, there are grazing animals in the area and therefore dogs must be on a leash.


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Where is Ytraberget at Hafrsfjord?