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From the coastal town of Florø, the local boat travel among the Islands and out to the Island Kinn.

Where does the ferry depart from?

The local route boat goes from Fugleskjærskaia in Florø to the Islands in Florø every day. There are a total of five boat routes that go out to Kinn every day, Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, there are two boat routes.

Tourist route in the summer season

In the summer, an extra boat route is set up at 11.35. The boat runs from around the end of June to the beginning of August. See for more information about the tourist route.

How do you find the timetable for the boat route from Florø to Kinn?

It´s easy to search for timetables on Enten from: Florø quay, Kinn to: Kinn quay, Kinn. You will then see all the routes that run on the selected day.

How do we buy tickets for the boat from Florø to Kinn?

You can buy tickets for the ferry on board. It costs about 90,- for an adult per way. Children / honour pay half price.

Kinn is a star stop. What does that mean for me?

Some of the stops in Florø are so-called "star stops", also known as "ring stops". This means that the boat will arrive at Kinn at the scheduled times if the crew knows that there are passengers. You must therefore call the boat before it departs from Florø so that they know that you want to join the boat on the return from Kinn to Florø.

How do we find the phone number?

When you search for timetables on and click on "notes", you will see the phone number of the boat. You must call the boat before it leaves Florø.


  • Fugleskjærskaia 16
  • 6905
  • Kinn
+47 51 86 87 00


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Where is Boat route from Florø to Kinn?