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Twizy is a fun way to get around. Designed for city traffic and narrow streets, it is ideal for soaking up impressions with a friend. The car seats two people and is very easy to drive. Both seats are equipped with safety belts that protect both from the front and side. To hire the car, you must hold a Class B driver’s licence. The car has plenty of storage space and can be easily charged in an earthed socket or at a charging station. Twizy has a range of approximately 90 km and a full battery charge time of 3 1/2 hours. In a Renault Twizy, the experience is guaranteed to be more fun. Enjoy!

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Hourly rate:
NOK 350
Daily rate:
NOK 1,350


  • Torget 6
  • 4280
  • Skudeneshavn

Where is Experience Karmøy in an electric car ?