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In Sunnhordland the regional airport is situated on the island Stord. There are both scheduled commercial flights as well as charters flying out from, and returning to, Stord Airport. The airport is favourable situated on the west coast of the island. From the islands centre, Leirvik, it takes approximately 18 minutes to reach the airport by car. Stord Airport is the region of Sunnhordlands local airport.

The airline operating is DAT, a Danish airline flying both commercial routes and charters. The main route is Stord – Oslo, operated by DAT.

The airport has 15 scheduled roundtrips per week with the company DAT to and from Gardermoen.

Stord Airport offers quick and efficient check in and free parking. Should you arrive with an electric car, you may charge it for free while you are away travelling!

Find more information on

Stord Airport +47 53 40 37 00 or your local travel agent.

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  • Flyplassvegen 344
  • 5410 Sagvåg
53 40 37 00


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Where is Stord airport?