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Ingadalen Via Ferrata is a family-friendly route that is graded as B / C for exposure and 2 in climbing grade. The route is located just south of Åkrafjorden Nature B&B and you can see the climbers from the front of the building. It takes approx. 15 minutes to get to the start. The route starts with a walk on path before you start the climbing. You will be awarded with great view along the route. Rullestad , Fjære, Åkrafjorden and the mighty Kyrkjeveggen are some of the sights you will experience during the climb. When you have finished the climbing part, which ends at about 240 meters above sea level, follow the path back to the starting point. The whole tour takes approx. 2.5-3 hours at a child-friendly pace but can also be extended if you take the time to enjoy the view and the surroundings.

Grading information and more.

Safety Everyone climbs with an approved seat belt and approved Via Ferrata sling (fall protection). In addition, you must bring an extra sling, also called a resting sling. This can be attached to one of the steps to rest if you need a break or if there is a queue. You must also wear a helmet.

WORTH KNOWING - We recommend booking the trip with a climbing guide. - Recommended age limit is a minimum of 12 years. - Expected tour time with guide: 2.5-3 hours at a child-friendly pace. - Bring: Packed lunch, 1.5 liters of drink (preferably more on hot days), windproof jacket, long trousers, buff / hat, sneakers with raw rubber sole and good grip, mountain bag max 5 kg. -Experienced Via Ferrata climbers can go on the trip on their own but must register with Åkrafjorden Nature B&B and pay a climbing fee. Equipment can be rented at Åkrafjorden Nature if you go on your own. All traffic at your own risk, self-declaration form with contact information must be completed. Salvage fee: if you go on the trip on your own and need help from Åkrafjorden Nature B&B, the cost is NOK 5000 per person.



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