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The Sigurdsheller cabins: Historical treasures in a landscape conservation area

The Sigurdsheller cabins are owned by Statskog and located in the 2,385 km² Setesdal Vesthei Ryfylkeheiane landscape conservation area (SVR). This is a gem with roots dating back to the 1900s.

The Sigurdsheller cabins

The cabins were built by Thorvald Meyer Heiberg in 1915 and were a magnet for the world's upper class. Restored in 2000, they can now be seen as almost a 'living museum', breathing life into the history of the area.

Explore all year round: Activities and accessibility

With a total of 10 beds, the cabins are a favourite destination for dog sledging in winter and accessible to hikers, boaters and canoeists in summer. One kilometre away is Rågeloni, Sirdal's longest sandy beach in the mountains, which further enriches the experience.

The Sigurdsheller cabins are heritage-listed for the future

In spring 2019, Sigurdsheller was protected by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, ensuring its historical value for future generations.

Practical information and equipment

Fishing equipment is included in the rental price, and the cabins are accessible via boat transport or a 1.5-hour hike. You need to bring a sleeping bag/bed linen, food, warm clothes for outdoor activities, and good walking shoes.

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