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Blue-flag beach

There are several areas of beautiful white sandy beaches on the west coast of Karmøy. Åkrasanden is the biggest of them with more than 1 km of beach, which actually comprises seven white beaches that are linked like a string of pearls. The area has Blue Flag environmental certification, and is a popular destination throughout the year.

Learn about Viking history

There is a great culture and nature trail along the whole beach, with traces of history dating from the Viking Age and up to the present.

Hot dog with cult status

The beach is situated in the centre of Åkrehamn, which is one of three settlements on Karmøy with town status. It has shops and cafés, and a well-stocked fish shop. Kanutta, a locally-produced sausage sold in a small shop in Åkrehamn, has attained cult status, and is highly recommended.

Mediterranean atmosphere

The beaches that make up Åkrasanden have a Mediterranean vibe, with white sand and crystal clear turquoise sea. The temperatures, on the other hand, are worthy of the Vikings.

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Travel inspiration for Åkrehamn and Åkrasanden

Find inspiration here to help you plan your visit to Åkrasanden. We have gathered some articles together here written by people who know Åkrehamn and Åkrasanden well.

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