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Jørpeland was established early in the 20th century, as local waterfalls were being exploited for hydroelectric power, and the steelworks were founded. The Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke passes Jørpeland.

Preikestolen and the town centre

Jørpeland is an excellent base for excursions to the iconic Preikestolen, as well as other scenic highlights. There is an excellent net of marked mountain trails in the region.

Facilities in the town include a cultural center with cinema, many assorted shops, wine shop, cafés, tourist information, restaurants, hotel and a guest harbour with a popular promenade. There are a golf course and a campsite nearby.

Every year, before the summer holiday, Jørpeland hosts a popular festival called "Strandadagene".

Several attractions

Many visitors note the striking modern steel sculptures erected in and around the town centre. Attractions near Jørpeland include the petroglyphs at Solbakk, with 40 well-preserved ship figures dating back to the bronze age, the old furniture- and woodworking factory Jørpelands Brug, the historic Verkshotellet, and the rather striking Jørpeland church.

If you’re on a boating holiday, two popular destinations are the islets Fjellsholmen and Jørpelandsholmen. The beaches "Barkavika" and "Nordlys" are populær among the locals.

Travel by bus

The town offers excellent communications, with regular bus services to Solbakk bus stations, next to the sub-sea tunnel, and further to Stavanger, Tau or Hjelmeland, and, during summer season, to Preikestolen Basecamp.

Click here for timetable. (Under Ryfylke)

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