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Just 10 km from Jørpeland lies the village of Tau, just a short drive to Solbakk and the sub-sea tunnel to Stavanger. Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke, Rv. 13, passes Tau.

The rapidly expanding village center has shops, cafés and restaurants, hotel, pub, gas station and guest harbor. Strandastøa beach lies just south of Tau.

Tau’s historical roots probably date at least back to Eirik Blood-axe; archaeological finds indicate that a king or chieftain once had a farmstead here.

The mill park

By the little waterfall near Krossvatnet lake is an old red mill. Tou Mill, built in 1855, marked the dawn of the industrial era for this region.

Visitor’s to the mill park near the old director’s mansion may note that the landscaping here is inspired by the English style. On Sundays during the summer there are café, art exhibitions and flea market in the old buildings.

The old and new church

Tau Church, from 2021, has a modern architecture and is situated in the village center. You may also wish to explore the cultural trail, which takes you a couple of kilometres outside the center to the beautifully situated Strand Church, build in 1874.

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