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Aksdal and Tysværtunet Cultural Centre

Aksdal is the municipal centre of Tysvær. It's home to Aksdal Senter shopping centre and Tysværtunet Cultural Centre, which has a theatre, concert hall and swimming pool. Aksdal also has a number of electric car charging points.

Wonderful areas to hike

Like most other municipalities in Haugalandet, Tysvær boasts beautiful scenery? Put your best foot forward and try everything from challenging summit hikes to more child-friendly trails. There is a plethora of bathing spots and excellent guest harbours if you’re travelling by boat.

Lars Hertervig and Arquebus

Throughout the ages, the scenery of Tysvær has been a source of joy and inspiration for many. One such person is the painter Lars Hertervig (1830–1902), who was born on the island of Borgøy and is known as a painter of light. Other famous figures born in Tysvær include Cleng Peerson, better known as the father of emigration. He was one of the very first people to emigrate to the USA. For history enthusiasts, Tysvær is also home to one of Norway's largest defence museums. The Arquebus War History Museum is a museum with impressive exhibits from the resistance movement during World War II.

Himakånå in Nedstrand

The village of Nedstrand is an important part of Tysvær municipality and the perfect place to experience nature. There are marked hiking trails of varying difficulty, with Himakånå being the most famous. There are also excellent places to swim, guest harbours and the village's own brewery – Nedstrand Bryggeri.

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Tysvær, located just outside Haugesund, promises magnificent mountain hikes, history and activities for both young and old.

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Travel inspiration for Tysvær

Find inspiration here to help you plan your visit to Tysvær.

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