Discover the fjords in autumn

Fjord Norway is like a fairy tale in autumn, with the autumnal colours of the trees and vegetation reflected in the fjord, a dusting of snow on the mountain tops and bracing air. Some outdoor activities are best experienced in autumn, and if the sun isn’t shining? Spend time indoors and delve into our cultural history.

Enjoy the outdoors, culture and culinary experiences in autumn!

Outdoor activities for instance hiking or kayaking are best experienced in autumn. The mountains look fantastic in their autumn splendour, and temperatures are pleasant. How about testing your limits, and trying rafting, zipline or other activities that will get your adrenaline going?

For indoor activities, discover the Viking history and the stave churches, many of them situated along the Sognefjord, date back 1,000 years. There are also many museums in the region that are well worth a visit. In City of Gastronomy Stavanger, you can visit the unique little canning museum or the Norwegian Petroleum Museum.

Stavanger in particular, but also Bergen and the tiny island Utsira are also known for street art. The Art Nouveau Centre and Kube art gallery await in beautiful Ålesund. The ten Norwegian Scenic Routes offer exciting architecture and viewpoints.

The fjords are Norway’s orchard, and our specialities include apples, pears and plums. The Sognefjord and Hardanger regions are particularly well known for their fruit, and for the cider they produce.

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