Are you ready for your next grand adventure?

Fjordkysten & Sunnfjord invites you to explore the most exciting destination in Norway

Kjøsnesfjorden|© Lillian Herland

“We´re all on our way somewhere. On our path through life. Pack your bags and feel the thrill of stepping into a new adventure”

Visit The Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord

Venture off the beaten track for amazing adventures, fascinating encounters, and new stories to tell

We will guide you to the Islands to the west - on the very edge of the ocean. To the sheer mountains and glistening glaciers. To deep blue fjords and raging waterfalls, to calm and mysterious waters - teeming with trout, and to historical attractions and a rich array of cultural experiences.

Journey into the unknown and discover new places

The Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord is all set against a magical backdrop! We can show you the way to all this and more.