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Venture off the beaten track for spectacular adventures and cultural experiences in Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord. There’s plenty of room to go your own way and explore this little-known region of Norway.

Where is Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord?

Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord is situated just north of Bergen. The region covers a large geographical area, extending from Solund in the south to Måløy in the north and Sunnfjord in the east.

As far west as you can get in Norway, you'll find an outstanding coastline with charming island communities and fjord villages steeped in fascinating history.

Lighthouse safari to Norway´s westernmost lighthouse

Norway's westernmost lighthouse is found on the island of Utvær. The cast iron lighthouse towers 31 metres above the ground and casts beams of light 45 metres above the sea. The most fascinating thing, however, is the nature and sea in the far west of Norway. In summer you can experience Utvær on a lighthouse safari.

In Solund, you can also join the local postal boat and go island hopping between Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet – a wonderful way to see Norway's westernmost islands. Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet comprise more than 2,000 islands, islets and skerries, which you get the chance to see at close range. The boat stops to deliver post or passengers, and you will see spectacular natural phenomena such as the Lågøystolane rocks.

Florø and its impressive archipelago are situated just north of here. The islands are as varied as they are beautiful, so some are bound to enchant you. However, we must highlight a few of them that we believe you shouldn’t miss.

Stabben lighthouse

Just outside the charming coastal town, on the main shipping lane around the islets and skerries, you will find Stabben Lighthouse, one of the most distinctive lighthouses in Norway. On a skerry in the middle of the shipping lane, a powerful lighthouse was built in 1866/1867 on a solid foundation, set in masonry and bound by iron. The lighthouse was built because the waters here are dangerous with strong, invisible currents that make it one of the most difficult navigation points along the Norwegian coast, even after the lighthouse began operation. The 12 x 8.3 metre timber house, with its foundation of 108 boatloads of granite, covers the entire skerry. It is a favourite motif for artists and photographers today.

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A little further west, out at the ocean’s edge, you will find the iridescent, grassy island of Kinn with its church, Kinnakyrkja, and rock formation, Kinnaklova. The island is home to a beautiful Romanesque-style stone church, which has been in use since the 12th century. The mountain behind the church rises steeply, and the towering Kinnaklova formation is an impressive sight for both passing ships and visitors to the island

A trip to Kinn makes for an unforgettable trip.

If you travel a little further south, you will come to the lushest island in Kinn municipality. Svanøy has a rich and long history. It is now possible to visit the stately Svanøy Manor, which has a beautiful view of Svanøybukt bay and the Brufjord. Combine your visit to the manor with a guided tour of Norsk Hjortesenter to see the deer – an unforgettable experience.

Nordsjøporten road

If you found the Atlantic Road impressive, another magnificent, but less busy and less well known, experience awaits. Out at the ocean’s edge, guarded by the majestic mountain Alden, the islands of Værlandet and Bulandet lie like pearls on a string, linked together by six bridges and a road covering 5,240 metres. The archipelago of Værlandet and Bulandet is Norway’s westernmost inhabited community, and is a fantastic destination for cycling, kayaking, fishing, walks or just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Værlandet and Bulandet|© Visit FjordKysten

Alden, the Norwegian horse

It’s impossible not to see the majestic Alden, also known as the Norwegian Horse, when you take a ferry out to the island communities of Værlandet and Bulandet. The mountain towers 481 metres above the sea and can be seen from a distance of more than 100 kilometres out to sea. This makes it one of the most distinctive seamarks in Fjord Norway. You can enjoy fantastic views in all directions at the top. The hike to Alden is great for families with children who are used to hiking in the mountains.

The four mountains

In Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord, you will find many mountains you can climb. This includes Lihesten, which is described as majestic, magical and challenging. This mountain has been an important landmark since the Viking Age. Olav Kyrre sought shelter under it while he considered establishing a town along the Lifjord. There are many walks you can do and you can enjoy many hours on this distinctive mountain massif in Hyllestad. The most popular hikes are up to Risnesnipa, 777 metres above sea level and to Gygrekjeften 710 metres above sea level.

More mountains you can climb

Around the Dalsfjord

The Dalsfjord is situated at the head of the fjord, into which the mighty Gaula river flows. The Dalsfjord offers beautiful hiking trails and great experiences. You can visit Fossedalen valley, go on a guided RIB boat safari to the impressive Laukelandsfossen waterfall, or enjoy spectacular panoramic views from Heileberget, 761 metres above the fjord. A multitude of experiences await!

The coastal town of Måløy

Its proximity to the sea has made its mark on the businesses, landscape and people of Måløy. Breathe in the fresh sea air, and let the endless horizon spellbind you while you wander along the white sandy beach Refviksanden.

Meditate as the waves lap the shore, and the warmth of the sun embraces your soul.

Dive into history at the Måløy Raid Centre. Here you can see original photos and metres of original footage of the Måløy Raid in 1941. Once in Måløy, a stop at the Kannesteinen rock is pretty much a must. This special rock has been shaped by the ocean waves over thousands of years.

Those seeking an adrenaline-filled adventure can go kayaking or coasteering along the rugged coastline. Explore hidden bays and coves, and take up the challenge of conquering the forces of the sea while experiencing the coastal landscape up close. After a day of adventure, treat yourself to some relaxation and rejuvenation in the floating sauna.

There are four lighthouses in Måløy – all equally impressive. Kråkenes Lighthouse is probably the most famous, while the other three; Ulvesund, Skongenes and Hendanes are equally spectacular – all in their own way.

Light up your holiday

Oh, beautiful Sunnfjord

Water. As morning dew on yellow petals when buttercups brighten. As a protective cloak against the vast, blue frost of the glacier. As a mirror to reach for, for green meadows and snow-capped mountains. Suddenly, silver and gold glint on the water, and for a moment you see trout frolicking in the sunlight. As drops at the edge of the ice turn into rivers, waterfalls and lakes, so moments turn into hours, days and years. Follow the water to find its secrets. And be enthralled, a while or forever. In the eternal beauty of Sunnfjord

Paradise for summit tours

Summit tours are not only a winter activity. The peaks are there in the summer too. In Sunnfjord, you will find everything from easy to demanding, gentle to steep, short to long, path to scree, snow to glacier, whatever you fancy! In the valleys and mountains, you can hike for hours, often without seeing a soul!

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Culture and history at every turn

In Sunnfjord you will find cultural og historical experiences at every turn. Here, in the artist Astrup’s kingdom, you can experience cultural highlights and magnificent historical sites. You are invited to experience world-renowned art and artistic life at Astruptunet, Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum and Eikaasgalleriet, and you can experience historical sites such as Sunnfjord Museum, Jølstra Museum, Hestad chapel and the air battle museum Luftkampmuseet to name a few.

In Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord, culture is in our DNA. This is the place to hear inspiring stories and meet lovely people!

When the road is the destination

The road Norwegian Scenic Route Gaularfjellet runs along the world's longest fjord, the Sognefjord before winding its way up the steep valley into the mountains. The road continues along the protected Gaularvassdraget watercourse, which is known for its many waterfalls, but which also has sections of rapids and tranquil mountain lakes. A waterfall path has been built along parts of the watercourse, giving visitors access to the sections most worth seeing.

A peaceful journey along protected watercourses, waterfalls and a quiet fjord arm. Children and adults alike can try trout fishing at its best and walk along great paths past waterfalls and rapids. It is also possible to hire boats and canoes, and those who enjoy hiking in the mountains will be spoilt for choice.

Welcome to Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord, welcome to the experience of a lifetime! Here, every moment is an experience that makes you part of our history. Explore all the beauty and let Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord inspire you to create unforgettable memories. Go your own way!

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