Experience a taste of Undredal and explore the small village known for goat cheese and Northern Europe's smallest stave church. In Undredal you can kayak, SUP and rent a sauna to relax after a memorable day. At ut.no you will find several great hiking tours from Undredal. 

At the quay in Undredal, FjordSafari Norway comes in with its RIB boats and takes you sightseeing into the UNESCO Nærøyfjord, where you might experience both seals and eagles.

After a great day out in beautiful nature, you spend the night at Hansagarden. Hansagarden is located in the center of Undredal and has a high standard cabin with room for 6 people. Kitchen, bathroom and stove are all you need to enjoy your stay in Undredal. Hansagarden also has a cabin at Langhusa with room for 4-5 people.

Birger at Hansagarden takes you on a guided hike in Undredal and provides entertainment with food and drink in the evening.

Enjoy beautiful days in Undredal.


  • Hjødna 2
  • 5746 Undredal
909 48 660

Where is Hansagarden Undredal?