The food is from the local area and here you will never know exactly what you will be served in advance. The menu varies depending on the season and what ingredients they have available the day you arrive. But at Svinvik gard you will always get food based on fresh, locally produced ingredients. All frying is also done in the "old fashion way" - on the large stone oven. placed in the middle of the restaurant.

The menu is composed of 7 to 9 large and small dishes, and consists of seasonal ingredients from Trollheimen's own pantry. The menu may include: Sea crabs from Todalsfjord,  meat from all over Trollheimenarea, ram onions from Stangvik, homemade sourdough bread and more.

The restaurant is open for individuals, small or larger groups, but  must be booked min. 4 days  in advance. Combine your visit with a visit to Svinviks Arboretum or a hike in the countless walking areas nearby.

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  • Todalsvegen 823
  • 6640 KVANNE
959 34 992


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Where is Svinvik Gard?