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© Misje Collection
Day trips in Haugesund

Photo walk through the centre of Haugesund

You will find sights and cool locations that will look spectacular on Instagram in the centre of Haugesund. We have drawn up a route that will allow you to see the town and take photos of some of the most iconic places in Haugesund.



2 hours


Risøy aktivitetshus

Your first stop is in Sundgaten street on Risøy island, where the artist Øivin Horvei has made Risøy activity centre and the street in front of it more interesting with cool street art. Take a photo in front of the cool wall!

© Jone Torkelsen

Risøy bridge

Cross the bridge from Risøy to the town centre. The top of the bridge offers a great 360-degree view of Smedasundet sound and the town. It is well worth stopping to admire the view.

© Jone Torkelsen

Haugesund Town Hall

A photo stop in front of Haugesund’s pink town hall is a must. Not many towns boast a town hall in this beautiful colour!

© Jone Torkelsen / Broadstone

Foto Erik

The route takes you past Haugesund’s only photo shop, Foto Erik, where you can replenish your supply of camera equipment and accessories. You can also print your photos directly from your phone or memory card.

© Jone Torkelsen

Our Saviour's Church (Vår Frelsers Kirke)

This magnificent brick edifice is located in the middle of Haugesund town centre. The church offers great photo opportunities from several angles, or you can take a portrait using the lovely red brick wall as a background.

© Jone Torkelsen

The Fishermen

You will find the statue depicting two fisherman just down the street from Our Saviour's Church. The Fishermen is probably the most famous landmark and meeting point in the centre of Haugesund. Haugesund grew up around the herring fisheries, and the two fishermen are pointing out to sea. Will you be the third fisherman?

© Jone Torkelsen

Lutchfood Kafé

At Lutchfood Kafé you will find what is probably the most Instagram-friendly wall in Haugesund – a wall of doughnuts. We recommend taking a break for a cup of coffee and something sweet here.

Open until 17:00
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© Lutchfood

Dokken Museum - Haugalandmuseet

Cross the bridge to Bakarøy island to find some of the oldest buildings in Haugesund, where you can gain an insight into everyday life 150 years ago. These buildings belong to Haugalandmuseet. It’s a lovely area to stroll through, and you will find many lovely photo spots among the buildings. In summer, when the museum is open, you can also go inside the buildings.

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The statue of Harald Fairhair

If you look up and over towards the other side of the bridge from Dokken Museum, you can see the statue of Harald Fairhair looking out to sea. Harald Fairhair is considered the first king of Norway, and his royal seat was located at Avaldsnes.

© Jone Torkelsen