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The route has several nice viewing points on both sides of Ullandhaugsveien. Large, nice green area with a small beach, Møllebukta, where the famous and large monument "Swords in rock" is located, in commemoration of the battle at Hafrsfjord. 

  • Start: Bike path at the roundabout at Madlaveien/ Madlamarkveien, around four km west of Stavanger city centre.
  • Stop: Where the hiking path at Madlaforen crosses the bike path by Revheimsveien, around 0,5 km west of where the tour started.
  • Challenges: Some hills on the first two and a half kilometres, where some might need to roll their bike for a bit. Be aware: Some steep hills from Sørmarka towards Madlaveien, there is a signposted bicycle lock to make sure bikers keep a low-speed downhill.
  • Car traffic: Crossing a pretty busy road via the pedestrian crossing, and a couple of less busy roads, otherwise free of cars.
  • Bike type: All types.
  • Special considerations: On hiking paths, both on asphalt and gravel, be respectful of people walking.
  • Winter snow clearance: Through Sørmarka and along Hafrsfjord.

This route is part of a series of green bike routes by Syklistenes Landsforening, close to the city, stress-free bike routes in the largest cities of Norway.


  • Hafrsfjord


  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Autumn

Where is Bike tour to Madla via Ullandhaug and Hafrsfjord?