Fotlandsfossen (the Fotland waterfall), located in the cross between fv. 206 and fv. 210) is a distinctive and not expected landscape area in the municipality of Time. The Håelva river has dug itself between the phyllite rock and made the biggest waterfall at Jæren. The rock type is ideal for rich vegetation, attracting insects and birds. Previously, people used to fish for pearl mussels here, however the mussels are now protected. Salmon jumping in the waterfall is a common sight.   Running water has been a resource as long as people have been known to use hydropower energy, ever since the 13th century. The remains of a mill can be found above and beneath the waterfall. The two largest buildings have been restored. 

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  • Fotland
  • 4349 BRYNE

Where is Fotlandsfossen?