A trail up the mountainside, from Reiseter to Folgefonna National Park.  

This is a trail going into Folgefonna National Park, which is home to Noway's third largest glacier. The trail offers beautiful views to the glacier, the Hardangerfjord, mountains and farmland.

A project spanning several years aims at restoring the ancient trails across Folgefonna Peninsula. Up the mountainside from Reiseter the work has almost been completed. Highly skilled craftsmen of the Serpa people from Nepal are hired to build stone steps and cairns.

The nature in the area is very beautiful, but also merciless. Above 1,000 masl weather can change quickly, also in the summer. The snow does not always melt away during summer. Walk this trail only as long as it has been set with stones, and in any case not any longer than the first cairn by Reisetereggje, about 1,200 masl. It is not safe to go any further without a local guide, and even then, only in good weather.

Season: July -October. Do not ever go here during winter or spring. There are many avalanches in this area, and the trail goes through an established avalanche path. Huge concrete walls have been built at Reiseter to protect people and buildings.

Start: Reiseter.

End: The mountainside above Reiseter. Do not continue past the first cairn at Reisetereggje.

Park: At Reiseter. Take off from Nå (by Nå Auto) and drive up a local road (Fv 109) 3,7 km to Reiseter, 330 masl. The road is narrow and winding, especially at the top, and only suitable for (small) cars. The parking area at the end of the road at Reiseter is also small. Please take care that parking does not hinder the local farmers. Larger vehicles can park by Nå. The local road from Nå to Reiseter is nice to walk. It goest past fruit farms and the view to the fjord is good.

By public tarsport: Skyss bus (line 980) from Odda, Utne and Jondal, stops at Nå.

Marking: There is an information board at Reiseter. Start by walking a dirt road. Up the mountainside the trail is set with stones, and is easy to follow. The first cairn is found at Reisetereggje, about 1,200 masl.

Grading: It is very steep up the mountainside from Reiseter, but the stones make it easier to walk. The trail is demanding, though not very demanding.

Length: From Reiseter to the first cairn it is about 7.5 km.

Height difference: From Reiseter to the first cairn there is about 870 meters height difference.

Time: From Reiseter to the first cairn it takes about two – three hours to walk up. 

Good advice: Read the information board at Reiseter. Wear hiking boots, warm clothes, and bring something to eat and drink. Do not continue past the first cairn, as the trail beyond in not yet ready. The weather in the mountains can be very harsh! Remember to put your name in the guest book in the box placed by the cairn at Reisetereggje.

Description: From the parking at Reiseter, follow the dirt road in  south-western direction, to Skrelet. A dirt road south of the river Bleieelva takes you to the trail of stone steps, leading up the mountainside. At Reisetereggjet, at about 1,200 masl, the first cairn has been built. The trail is something of a "Stariway to Heaven", with magnificent view to the farms at Reiseter and the Hardangerfjord.

Map/landscape profile: See here. Note: Do not walk across the mountain from Reisetereggje to Krossdalen without a local guide!

Variation: The view from this trail is very good all the way. It is not necessary to go very far to have a beautiful trip. Turn whenever it suits you. For those who do not like to drive the narrow road from Nå to Reiseter, it is also a nice to walk the road, from which you can see the glacier, the fjord and many fruit orchards.


  • 5776 Nå


  • 15km
Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
  • Autumn
  • Summer

Where is From Reiseter to Folgefonna National Park?

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