Join GuideCompaniet on a guided tour to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and overlook a Norwegian fjord with a local lunch buffet with tastes of the sea and land. This season, 2023, we have schedule tours in German, but we also offer private tour for bigger groups.

This trip suits people wanting a fjord experience full of contrast. Experience idyllic yards, lush hillsides and mountain roads, as you travel through these mighty landscapes with stories of inspiring tales and the life in mountain caves.

This is what Norway is all about: beautiful views, the cosiness of the home and inspiring moments with good locally produced food.

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  • GuideCompaniet - Haugesund by Locals, Guided Tours in Stavanger and Haugesund
  • 4005 STAVANGER
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Guide available:
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Green certifications

Guided tour to Åkrafjord & Langfoss with GuideCompaniet has received certification for its environmental efforts from:
  • MiljøfyrtårnMiljøfyrtårn
Environmental certification of private and public enterprises, also tourism.

Where is Guided tour to Åkrafjord & Langfoss with GuideCompaniet?