Enjoy the beautiful view of the North Sea with islets, lighthouses and reefs, hiking in the magical forest past small streams, and the remains of an old cottage with old tree swings. This is a great trip with historical replenishment.

It is not without reason that Hestnes' hiking route in Egersund beat five other hiking routes. The route's natural character and the opportunity for nature experiences in the immediate vicinity of city centers in Egersund were factors that made Hestnes Rogaland's best hiking route. In addition, the route has several interesting vantage points, where visitors can look out towards the ocean gap or natural stopping point where visitors can enjoy brought food under the treetops in a quiet cove. Hestnes' hiking route is not only for the locals, but also for visitors.

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  • Hestnes
  • 4370 EGERSUND
51 46 80 00

Where is Hestnes?