Location Åkra Map Topographic map, Norway 1: 50 000 Kvinnherad - sheet 1214 1. Start and stopping point Forest road at Åkra. Parking Turn left after the Åkra bridge. Drive approx. 500 meters to the parking lot (lower) at the beginning of the forest road. By paying a fee of 20 kr., you can drive 3km on the forest road through Åkradalen Valley to 350m AMSL. There is a parking lot (upper) at the end of the road. There are signs to Åkrastølen. Marking There is an information board by the lower parking lot. No markings. Forest road, then a path to the Åkrastølen. Grading - from the lower parking lot. Blue Moderate hike, two boots according to the DNT system. Difference in altitude 80 - 650m AMSL Estimated time 5 hours round trip from the lower parking lot. 2 hours round trip from the upper parking lot. Recommended advice Remember to bring money for the toll. Please close all gates behind you. From the mountain farm you can walk up the hills to the north where there is a view over Nautavatnet Lake and Ingahogg. The hike to Åkrastølen is also an exciting trip on skis. Overview From the parking lot at the end of the forest road, you follow a clear path along the river through the Åkradalen Valley. As you walk through the valley you will pass "Urene", where the path winds between giant rocks. At the end of the valley, there is a small wooden bridge that crosses the river before Stølsbrekko. On the mountain side, you will find Åkrastølen with its three farm houses. This hike explores nature, taking you to streams and rivers, large rocks and the open mountain farm meadow.

Where is Hike to Åkrastølen?

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